10 Recipe Books for Plant Based Runners and Athletes

The growth in popularity of the planet based vegan and vegetarian diet for athletes has see a number of great cook books arrive on the market in recent times. Check out our favourites below.

The No Meat Athlete Cookbook

A fast-growing global movement, No Meat Athlete (NMA) earns new fans every day by showing how everyone from weekend joggers to world-class competitors can become even healthier and fitter by eating whole plant foods.

  • Morning meals to power your day
  • Homemade sports drinks to fuel your workouts
  • Nutrient-packed mains to aid recovery
  • Sweets that work for your body
  • Oil-free options for every recipe; gluten-free and soy-free options throughout
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The Vegetarian Athlete’s Cookbook:

The Vegetarian Athletes Cookbook
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Want to cook ridiculously good plant-based food from scratch but have no idea where to start? With over 140 incredibly easy and outrageously tasty all plants meals, BOSH! The Cookbook will be your guide.

Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, creators of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing plant-based platform, BOSH!, are the new faces of the food revolution.

Their online channels have over 2.3 million fans and constantly inspire people to cook ultra-tasty & super simple recipes at home. Always ensuring they stick to fresh, supermarket-friendly ingredients, BOSH! truly is “plant-based food for everyone”.

In BOSH! The Cookbook, Ian and Henry share over 140 of their favourite go-to breakfasts, crowd-pleasing party pieces, hearty dinners, sumptuous desserts & incredible sharing cocktails.

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Vegan Cookbook for Athletes

Vegan Cookbook for Athletes

In this book, Sidney Ellison, author of Vegan Meal Prep and The Plant Based Diet for Weight Loss, gives you her healthiest and easy to create meal recipes. You too can adopt the vegan diet easily and not suffer any drop off in your workouts!

Join the athletes who have found the best way to adpot a healthier lifestyle with smart tips including:

  • Why going vegan is always better in the long run- and what meat does NOT give you
  • How to adopt a vegan diet – including hundreds of delicious recipes such as:
    • Cauliflower Chickpea Wraps
    • Peanut Tofu Wrap
    • Cucumber and Avocado Soup
    • Ultimate Vegan Chili
    • MUshroom Cauliflower Vegan Burgers
  • The easy to hack protein source– and why you’ve missed it all this while.
  • Meal prepping made oh-so-easy!
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Thrive Energy Cookbook: 150 Plant-Based Whole Food Recipes

Thrive - energy cookbook

Packed with 150 plant-based, nutrient-dense, whole food recipes developed within the Thrive nutritional philosophy, Thrive Energy Cookbook brings concepts that started the functional, plant-based nutrition revolution to life. Recipes are all vegan and allergen-free (or with gluten-free options) to eliminate wheat, yeast, gluten, soy, refined sugar, and dairy from your diet.Easy-to-make and performance-enhancing, these chef-created recipes merge purpose driven functionality (every ingredient has a nutritional purpose) with mouth-watering appeal. From the alkaline-forming, plant protein-packed Vanilla-Almond-Mocha Motivator Smoothie to Roasted Red Pepper & Sweet Potato Soup, Thai Green Curry Rice Bowl, and desserts such as Raspberry Chocolate Pomegranate Tart, Thrive Energy Cookbook will have you quickly preparing nutrient-packed and delicious dishes.

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The Runner’s World Vegetarian Cookbook

As a runner, you know that your food is your fuel–you have to eat well in order to perform well. But if you think it’s impossible to be a high-performing athlete and ditch meat, think again. Legendary ultrarunner Scott Jurek is plant-based and track star Carl Lewis is vegetarian. Being wholly or mostly meatless doesn’t have to mean sacrificing nutrition or performance–in fact, these whole-food recipes can help bring your body to peak health and fitness.

Written by Heather Mayer Irvine, the Food and Nutrition editor of Runner’s World, this vegetarian cookbook not only contains healthy recipes but also in-depth information on how runners–regardless of their food-with-a-face preference–can eat more plants. In this cookbook, you’ll find delicious and nutritious recipes for every meal (and yes, even dessert!) that will help power your runs and recovery.

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The Vegan Cookbook For Athletes

Are you an athlete and want to improve your nutrition with a healthier diet, which gives your muscles energy without using animal protein?

You are in the right place!

Athletes and bodybuilders usually think it is very difficult to develop and train their muscles through a vegan diet due to the lack of animal protein.

But this is wrong!

Nature is a great healthy source of protein and many plant-based foods have even more protein than meat. Furthermore this foods contain vеrу lіttlе fat аѕ соmраrеd tо mеаt, thаt, as we know, can elevate сhоlеѕtеrоl lеvеlѕ аnd іnсrеаѕе thе rіѕk оf a hеаrt аttасk.

Remember: it is рrоtеіn thаt buіldѕ muscle NOT mеаt! Why not grow your muscles in an healthy way?

To encourage the transition to a healthier and more functional diet, Nicolas Benfatto has created the ultimate cookbook which have been tailored to suit vegan athletes that not only need to maintain a strict performance routine but also want great tasting recipes.

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Veggie Lean in 15

Get ready for Joe’s vegetarian take on Lean in 15: The Shift Plan, which is the bestselling diet book of all time. Inside are a hundred flavour-packed vegetarian recipes, many of which are also vegan, plus three exclusive Body Coach HIIT workouts and a bonus abs workout.

From Smoky Sweet Potato Chilli to ‘Creamy’ Butternut Pasta, Veggie Lean in 15 features a fantastic range of meat-free dishes, all prepared in fifteen minutes flat. The recipes are ideal for full- and part-time veggies, as well as those wishing to cut down on eating meat in a healthy and delicious way. There are also plenty of make-ahead ideas to get you prepping like a boss in no time at all.

Joe has more than four million followers on social media where fans share their personal journeys towards a leaner, fitter lifestyle. All of his books have been non-fiction number one bestsellers, and he has sold over 3 million copies in the UK.

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The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook

Quick and Healthy Vegan Recipes For Every Day;

  • You want to learn some important things about equipment and usage?
  • You want to lose weight immediately?
  • You want to eat healthy and save time in the kitchen with easy, set-and-forget recipes?
  • You want to make your evening with friends perfect?
  • You need a big variety of recipes for different occasions?
  • You want to know how you can serve your family and friends healthy and delicious recipes every weekend?

What does it mean to be a vegan? In short, being vegan is excluding animal products from your diet. Furthermore, veganism is a philosophy, a lifestyle, where one refuses to see animals as commodity. According to the British Dietetic Association and the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, well-planned veganism is applicable and suitable throughout all life stages. A vegan’s diet is rich in magnesium, vitamin C, dietary fibre, folic acid, vitamin E, phytochemicals, and iron. On the other hand, vegan diets are low in saturated fat, dietary energy, cholesterol, vitamin D, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, calcium, and vitamin B12.

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The Wellness Rebel

The healthy eating market continues to thrive, with authors like Joe Wicks seeing recordbreaking sales for accessible healthy eating books. In recent months, however, there has been a backlash against certain healthy lifestyle brands, particularly those without scientific qualifications who promote ‘clean eating’. The Wellness Rebel explores the aftermath of this, looking at where balanced healthy eating will go next and how we can get back to evidence-based basics and enjoy eating well.

With each chapter themed around a common healthy food misconception such as ‘Alkaline’, ‘Raw’ and ‘Superfoods?’, The Wellness Rebel explores the basics of nutrition in an accessible and entertaining way, with Pixie sharing her tips, tricks and tastiest recipes – including her much-loved Pixie Plates – for a truly healthy diet, with no detoxes, no elimination diets, no restrictions – and absolutely no BS.

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