inov-8 Roclite 315 GTX First Thoughts

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This is not a full review but an initial impression of the inov-8 Roclite 315 GTX trail running shoe after a 15 mile test run through a very wet Peak District when we were given the opportunity to test some shoes out at the Big Running Weekend in Sheffield.

The days leading up to the event were very wet and as we drove to the venue the rain was torrential until we hit Sheffield. If I’m honest I wasn’t really looking forward to the days running but as we got closer to the venue the rain stopped.

We arrived and signed on and then had a look round at what shoes were on offer to test from the likes of inov-8, Scott and Saucony. Heading straight to the inov-8 tent there was a choice of the excellent x-talon 230, Parkclaw 275 or the Roclite 315 GTX.

I settled on a pair of inov-8 Roclite 315 GTX. Victoria settled on a pair of Black and Yellow Scott Kinabalu RC’s to try out.

Big running weekend

Oh yes it was pretty wet and boggy in the Peak District. Perfect for testing out gore-text shoes


One 15 mile run is no where near enough to get a good feeling for the shoe but I have nothing but good things to say about them.

I’ve always avoided gore-text shoes because I thought they would get very hot and sweaty after a while and no amount of waterproofing can stop water getting in through that big hole where your foot goes but these were great.

Purposefully splashing through all the puddles I could to try and break the shoe but they just performed brilliantly. It was a very cold day but they kept my foot warm without ever getting too hot. On a warmer day I could see them making feet uncomfortably hot but for winter training when you are continually splashing through icy water these shoes are great.

Fit was perfect and they were incredibly comfortable. Victoria in the Scott’s came away with a big blister and cold feet. Nothing of the sort with the inov-8’s.

Next winter I’ll certainly be getting a pair for those long off road training runs when you seem to be continually running through water.

Gore-text Invisible Fit Technology

With GORE Invisible Fit Technology, the GORE-TEX membrane is bonded directly to the upper, eliminating wrinkles and folds, so pressure points and blisters are significantly reduced and freedom of movement and flexibility is increased.Stay protected III: On-the-shoe gaiter hooks offer a more secure attachment system that allows you to attach a ALL TERRAIN GAITER to the shoe.

What is the Big Run Weekend

The Big Run Weekend is part of the Sheffield ‘Outdoor City Weekender’ whicH is now in its third year.

Organised by WoodRun in association with Sheffield’s leading independent running Store Accelerate it is ased at the Eccelsall Woodland Discovery Centre.

Offering a multitude of running activities catering for both beginners and experienced runners you attend as many sessions, runs and workshops as you like, whether you fancy just one led run, or join us for the whole weekend.

The weekend features:

  • Led Runs on the Outdoor City Run Routes
  • Wood Run Sessions on Technique, Strength and Stability
  • Saucony Hill Sprint Challenge
  • APC Trail School
  • Talks and Films
  • Kit Testing / Q&A
  • Night Running

Black route trail run